About Us

All United Nations Associations (UNA’s) across the globe such as UNA USA, UNA Australia, UNA Germany, UNA Canada, etc. including UNA Pakistan (UNAP) work under the umbrella of the World Federation of the United Nations Association (WFUNA). Read more.


What we do?

Through the work of our staff, volunteers and members, we campaign and educate to promote the principles of the UN Charter and to support the work of the UN and its agencies. Our head office in Karachi provides policy expertise to support the advocacy work of UNAP members. It maintains an ongoing dialogue with government ministers, parliamentarians and the media on issues relating to the UN.

Education lies at the heart of our work. Only through education and public awareness and pressure can effective, lasting change be achieved. UNAP also provides support and materials for those interested in participating Model UN events and provides resources for people wanting to develop their knowledge of the UN system and activities.