Youth 2030: The United Nations Strategy on Youth

A world in which the human rights of every young person are realized; that ensures every young person is empowered to achieve their full potential; and that recognizes young people’s agency, resilience and their positive contributions as agents of change.

The Secretary-General tasked his Envoy on Youth, in conjunction with the UN system and youth themselves, to lead development of a UN Youth Strategy. Its aim: scale up global, regional and national actions to meet young people’s needs, realize their rights and tap their possibilities as agents of change.

The strategy is ambitious. It will guide the UN system in stepping up support for the empowerment of young people, while ensuring that the Organization’s work fully benefits from their insights and ideas.

What is Youth 2030

Investment in four areas will consolidate the position of the United Nations as a global leader in engaging with youth. It will become a pioneer of knowledge, a dynamic source of innovation, a catalyst for solutions and a champion of accountability. The strategy’s thematic priority areas reflect all three pillars of the UN system: sustainable development, peace and security, and human rights.

Young people today want the sustainable, peaceful world envisioned in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Realizing their aspirations depends on realizing their rights—to empowerment and development, participation and choice. They offer 1.8 billion reasons for the United Nations to stand by their side.

Find out more Youth Strategy 2030 here.

Exclusive Benefits and Opportunities for Youth Members

UNAP provides young people a chance to contribute to the human and economic development in Pakistan by promoting the global agenda of Sustainable Development, set by the United Nations (UN). As an individual Youth member of UNAP, you can avail the distinctive benefits outlined below.

Benefits & Opportunities:

  1. A forum to voice your support for Pakistan engagement at the UN, with a current focus in making the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a success.
  2. The opportunity to participate in local and international conferences, trainings and seminars whereby some are fully funded and some are self funded. UNAP hosts educational and advocacy events, to increase the knowledge of how the UN makes the world a safer place and improves the lives of people everywhere. Key annual events include the Annual Leadership Summit, Members Day at the UN and WFUNA Plenary Assembly amongst others.
  3. Invitations to volunteer for different UNAP events, campaigns and drives for social causes like poverty alleviation, health, education and environment protection throughout the year. The volunteering hours are totaled and at the end of the membership tenure, UNAP Youth members are awarded the respected hours with certificates for the same. These certificates hold high value for future employers as well as colleges or universities for which students may apply.
  4. Opportunity to avail internships as well as leadership positions at the Youth wing of UNAP provided you fulfill the certain age and qualification criteria for the post. The Youth wing comprises of individuals aged between 15 and 26.
  5. Opportunities to interact and work closely with UNAP partners, ranging from UN officials, Individuals, Educational Institutions, Business Organizations, Government, Departments and other Non-governmental and Non Profit organizations.

Chapter Membership or Individual Membership

Ideally, a Chapter Membership holds more value than an individual one. The reason chapters are integral is because they give the students a chance to work in a community with theit peers at their school, college or university. Involvement of the school is a support for UNAP and helps us set better targets and goals for each chapter. Chapter members tend to have more UNAP activities which they organize internally whereas individual members may only be able to participate in the activities and not be actively able to organize and volunteer for the same events such as UN International Day of Science, Plantation Drives, Space Camps and so on.

Features of the Youth membership
UNAP Youth is a great avenue to learn about the United Nations, and get the youth involved in understanding and sharing the ideals enshrined in the UN Charter. This organization provides a fertile ground for youth empowerment, education, networking, and also have social components that combine to be a lot of fun and present excellent development opportunities!

Some of the core aims of UNAP Youth are to:

  • Educate young people and the community about the work of the United Nations;
  • Empower young people to get involved in international affairs and civil society;
  • Represent the views of young people at a local, national and international level; and, act as forum for young people to network and socialize.
    UNYAs conduct a variety of activities, some of which are:
  • Conferences (local, state, national and international) – these often have a Model United Nations component as well as leadership, education and representation;
  • Education packages or programmes run for primary and secondary school students informing other young people about the United Nations and international affairs;
  • Speaker events and panel discussions;
  • Local & International Events (UN International Days), Trainings, Fund raisers, Volunteering Programs