Establishing a campus chapter opens a lot of opportunities for students. Each chapter is customized following the schools’ activities and interests. Existing societies or clubs from within an educational institute can work with UNAP while conducting events and activities both inside and outside school. This allows the students and teachers to easily coordinate their activities in line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. If the students work towards any of these goals within their respective schools’ while being selected as a UNAP-Youth member they will receive a certificate at the end of the year, along with the number of hours of work they did which is highly beneficial when applying for colleges, universities as well as jobs as UNAP gives students relevant hands on experience which is a prerequisite for the same.

What can I do as a UNAP Youth Chapter Member?

As part of the UNAP, one can participate in initiatives that they enjoy, from bake sales to football tournaments, volunteer work in the education and health sectors, as well as attend various workshops and conferences to broaden their horizons. Students can work towards either polishing their skills in a certain field or finding a new forte. Internships are provided to driven and dedicated students, with their hard work validated by certificates from the UN.

What are some of the exclusive opportunities UNAP Youth members get?

As Youth Members of UNA Pakistan, they will be invited to exclusive training programs at both local and International Levels. A few of these international opportunities are fully funded while some of them have to be paid for by the students depending on the time, they have devoted to the chapter activities. Members with an outstanding record are usually fully funded for such trips.

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Should I apply for a UNAP Youth Chapter Membership or Individual Membership?

Ideally, a Chapter Membership holds more value than an individual one. The reason chapters are integral is because they give the students a chance to work in a community with theit peers at their school, college or university. Involvement of the school is a support for UNAP and helps us set better targets and goals for each chapter. Chapter members tend to have more UNAP activities which they organize internally whereas individual members may only be able to participate in the activities and not be actively able to organize and volunteer for the same events such as UN International Day of Science, Plantation Drives, Space Camps and so on.

How can we sign up our Educational Institute as school as a UNAP Campus Chapter?

To establish a chapter at your educational institute – write a request to

Note: The administration and heads of the insitute must be in cc when the request is sent out.

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