UNAP appreciates our young heroes of Pakistan!

Congratulations to these Youth Members! They have been crucial for UNAP’s COVID-19 ration drive amidst the stressful pandemic. It was their undying effort that made the ration drive a success along with the contributions made by all our motivated youth members. Kindly appreciate them praising them and motivating them in the comments below!

Top Fundraising Members Of COVID-19

1. Amal Tahir (UNAP x Haque Academy)

2. Fawzan Arsalan Ahmed (UNAP x Haque Academy)

3. Aliyan Hidayatallah (UNAP x Haque Academy)

4. Shahzada Zakir Hussain (UNAP x IBA)

5. Muhammad Mustafa Shoro(UNAP x Haque Academy)

6. Myra Nader Cowasjee (UNAP x Denning Law School)

7. Syeda Anum Zahra (UNAP x The Lyceum School)

8. Abdul Muizz (UNAP x IoBM)

9. Syed Oneebuddin Balkhi (UNAP x Haque Academy)

10. Inara Shahid Ali (UNAP x Habib University) 

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