CovLearn is a project initiated by UNAPxIoBM to provide the youth with the will to learn and move forward during this pandemic with skills that associate with a lifetime of productivity and are not limited to a certain time period. These skills will embed their way in a young mind, will help them grow and discover capabilities and interests within. 

UNAPxIoBM, with the help of its very talented and determined members having expertise in miscellaneous fields, has previously conducted sessions within the chapter that went successful and fruitful.

CovLearn sessions will be free of cost and open for all so a large part of our youth can take benefit from it. Our main aim is to equip the youth with these skills to make them productive and competent enough to stand out from being just ordinary individuals.

1st Session – 2nd July 2020

UNAPxIoBM presented the first session of CovLearn on “Digital Marketing on Social Media” by Abdul Muizz!

Abdul Muizz is a highly experienced and qualified Digital Marketer. Moreover, he also has in-depth knowledge and strong practical working experience in areas of Google Adwords and Social Media Marketing (Facebook & Instagram).

The reason behind this amazing session of digital marketing is that in this digitized world, customers have evolved to become tech-savvy. Consequently, they search online before actually buying a product. Hence the goal of Digital Marketing is – To give the right product, to the right person, at the right time.

This session helped people understand how to use Social Media Assets to listen, engage, and build a relationship with their audience.

2nd Session – 10th July 2020

UNAPxIoBM presented its 2nd session on “Graphic Designing on Canva” by Mashal Asghar.

Mashal is a creative freelance graphic designer and content writer who has 1+ years of experience with non-profit organizations and start-ups.

In the current age of digitization, producing creative graphic content for marketing is really necessary for an active social media presence of an organization.
In this session, you’ll learn how to make:
1. Posters
2. Resumes
3. Presentations

3rd Session – 17th July 2020

UNAPxIOBM presented its 3rd session of CovLearn on “Excel Essentials” by Mr. Farrukh Zafar

Farrukh Zafar is a highly trained individual with a great grasp on Microsoft Excel. Mr. Zafar is currently a teacher at Bahria University. He also bags plenty of experience in the field of commerce.

In the corporate sector and in today’s digital world, a software like MS Excel holds significant importance. 

It included: 

– Basic Formulas

– Financial Formulas

– Conditional Formulas

– TEXT Formulas

– Date formulas

– Reference & Lookup

– Formatting & Sorting

– Conditional Formatting

– Shortcut keys