Pride of Pakistan!

Our #UNAPYouth member Mr. Muhammad Nehal from Institute of Business Management was selected as a Global #UnitedNations SDG Talent at UNLEASH 2019 held in Shenzhen, China. 1,000+ #talents, selected from 18,000+ applicants, participated this year from 162+ countries and Mr. Nehal was one of the #Youngest Global Talent amongst them!

He worked for the #SDG 12 ‘Responsible Consumption & Production’ track on a 5 day #Innovation and #Design Thinking process with his team of 5 people from Zimbabwe, Russia, Togo and Ecuador.

His team came up with the idea of #recycling used cooking oil that is disposed off in the #oceans/rivers, contributing to more than 50% of the total #oil #disposal. This used cooking oil can be recycled to make #eco-friendly valuable products such as soap, candles & others with low cost and labor involved. His idea was appreciated & recognized by the team of #experts#facilitators and international investors/organizations. He has plans to scale and bring this idea into action.