The project aims to construct a new building for Horizon School, Hyderabad and the restoration of the three decades old school building currently in use of the school. The new building would accommodate 320 more students.


Hirabad is one of the oldest parts of the city of Hyderabad. It is situated at coordinate’s 25°24′15.5635″N68°21′57.8498″E (Picture 1).

Location of Hirabad, Hyderabad (Picture 1)



The school was established and registered in 1987. Currently the school is administered by Mr. Mohammad Ali. The school building currently being rented by the school management is in a deplorable state as well.
Horizon School is a primary school which has currently enrolled 300 students and caters to the lower middle class population of the town. The fee structure is very much affordable by middle class households.
Considering the need to accommodate the increased population of the town, the school management has planned the schools expansion by constructing a building on the vacant area in the school grounds. For this purpose, the land has been donated to the school and initial donations for the construction of the new building has been made by Mr. Abdul Majeed Qureshi. The plan is to construct a building with 18 rooms to accommodate 320 – 400 additional students, with six (6) washrooms in the new building. There is a proposed plan for separate rooms for a Science Lab, Computer Lab and a library – basic facilities that the school did not have.
The foundation work of the building has been completed as seen in the pictures however the rest of the construction is to be completed. The management has estimated the construction cost to be approximately Rs. 12 million (£85,000) however an independent assessment of the project by the concerned professionals remains to be carried out (Picture2 and 3).

The plinth of building under construction

The Temporary School Pictures


  1. Completing the new under construction building
  2. Restoring/Refurbishing the existing school building
  3. Purchasing the Furniture, Fittings, Equipment, Books, Computers etc

Completing the new building is priority as students can be transferred to the new building from the current building which is unfit and a health and safety concern for the children and faculty.


The new school building will provide quality and affordable education to 320-400 students from the locality and the nearby towns. The students will be able to study peacefully in a safe and secure environment conducive to learning. The facilities of computer lab, science lab and library will further enhance the learning capabilities of the students of all classes.

Project Name: Horizon School, Hyderabad
Project Priority: High
Estimated Time of completion: 12 – 16 months
Estimated Budget: Rs. 20 Million
Relevance: SDG 4 (Quality Education)