The webinar series hosted by the UNAPxIoBM Chapter address social issues in Pakistan and the innovation that Pakistani youth is trying to bring in the world which is hidden from the limelight.

Gen Z aims to engage and inspire the youth of Pakistan and to provide an opportunity for attendees to explore possible implementable solutions throughout the series.


GEN Z EPISODE 2 – 15th August 2020

UNAPxIoBM presented the 2nd episode of the GEN Z Webinar series on ‘Waste Management & Recycling: Pakistan at Crossroads’.

The episode was specifically aimed at making money out of waste and like other countries, Pakistan can be really efficient with this if only the perception of the masses can be changed towards the topic at hand!

Pakistan encounters this issue on an everyday basis. Everyday, around 70,000 tons of waste is produced in our country out of which, mostly can be recycled; thus in this episode, people and organizations working for this cause will present their thoughts and solutions for it.


The first speaker of GEN Z Webinar Episode 2, was Mr Ahmad Shabbar on the topic ‘Waste Management and Recycling: Pakistan at Crossroads’.

Mr. Shabbar’s aims to empower and invest in the scientific and sustainable advancement of society. As Founder and CEO of 

Garbage CAN, he intends to contribute to the society by creating awareness about sustainable practices. Ahmad Shabbar holds a diverse and dynamic career experience, he has worked as a Mechanical Engineer, a Researcher and as a Nuclear Reactor Operator. All of these distinct yet related positions have helped him build up his scientific repertoire and rigor that he applies in his work.

His organization, Garbage CAN, has been unfaltering with their determination to keep Karachi clean. Garbage CAN has shown unquestionable active participation during Eid days and has also signed contracts with various 

restaurants to maintain the city trash and waste free. 

The second speaker of GEN-Z webinar episode 2, Mr. Tofiq Pasha Mooraj spoke on the topic: “Waste Management and Recycling: Pakistan at crossroads”

Tofiq Pasha was born in London and soon after the family moved to Pakistan and settled in Karachi. According to him “It was like destiny and planned by Al-Mighty Allah that I ended up in Pakistan, then Karachi and finally in Malir”. He did his schooling from Habib Public school and in class nine, his parents decided to move to a farm where they could grow on a bigger scale so they opted for Begum Bagicha situated in the outskirts of Karachi At Bhora Goth. In 1975 Tofiq Pasha completed his matriculation. Gardening was more than just a hobby for his parents, the family always worked together and he grew into that lifestyle. 

Tofiq Pasha Mooraj is a person who is extremely passionate about nature. Famous for his show BaghBani that used to air on HUM TV; Kitchen Garden season 1 and Kitchen Garden Season 2 on HUM MASALA. He has dedicated forty years to growing vegetables, flowers, fruits and farming. 

Apart from working with the soil he has extensive knowledge & experience in Water Management & Conservation. He has made one 70 minutes documentary on Water Situation in Pakistan and been featured in other documentaries and has been extensively involved in creating awareness and advocating the cause of water. He is a master trainer for women’s livelihood.

He is extensively involved in social issues, works with students and youth on all their issues. 

He has proven to be an inspiration for those who seek similar careers as Mr. Pasha.

The third speaker of GEN Z Webinar Episode 2, Dr. Omar Javaid spoke on the topic ‘Waste Management and Recycling: Pakistan at Crossroads’.

Dr. Omar Javaid is a well-qualified individual who did his BE in Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering from NED University, an Executive MBA from Institute of Business Management (IoBM) with majors in Marketing, and MS in Management Sciences from PAF-Kiet. After years of extensive education, he obtained his Ph.D. in Socially Sustainable Entrepreneurship from Institute of Business Management in 2018 and has also served as the Head of Entrepreneurship Department in the same university. 

Dr. Javaid has a total of 16 years of working experience in the corporate, non-profit, and education sectors and aims to empower students to continue their entrepreneurial ambitions. In the last five years, Dr. Javaid has mentored hundreds of new startups and initiated around 450 micro-businesses for poor unemployed folks. He has a diverse knowledge of almost every field. He has been mentoring young entrepreneurs from the past 15 years. He has also published numerous research articles and editorials in different journals, magazines and newspapers.