2nd Teacher’s Training Workshop

UNAP successfully held its second teachers training workshop on the topic of ‘Effective Communication’ on 13th January 2018. This workshop was conducted by Mr. Saad Razzak and 35 teachers of 3 different schools from Korangi Area, Karachi.

UNAP Power Lunch in Karachi – November 2017

UNAP Power Lunch was held at Mews Restaurant in Karachi. Ms. Ghazala Humayun (Secretary General) hosted the Lunch which saw notable women in the Humanitarian Field become members of UNAP.

1st Teacher’s Training Workshop
Teachers Training Workshop was organised by UNAP at Al Shams Academy Mehmoodabad.This workshop was Conducted by Ms Laila Masood (Educationist at UNAP).

Seminar held at House of Parliament on Women’s Day 16th March 2017

Meeting with Governor of Sindh discussing about education, Health and Women Empowerment system in Pakistan held on 10th March 2017

Meeting with Acting President of FPCCI
Subject discussed during the meeting was bringing together business community to work along with UNAP projects in Pakistan. Re: refurbishment of hospital, government school etc.

Board of Governors Meeting Sept-2016

Golden Moments

International Day of Peace with Sindh Police Sept 2015

Pakistan Republic day on March 23 2015 at UNAP

Reception of Dr. Jameel DIG South Apr 2015

In the loving memory of Peshawar Attacks-2014