Campus Chapters

Campus chapters open a lot of opportunities for students – we customize each chapter according to the school and activities that are on going at the said schools. This makes it easier for students and teachers to coordinate their activities in line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (for instance a student run club or society at your school which already aims to support 3 of the 17 UN SDG’s i.e. Climate change, Life on Land, Life on Water). If students work towards any of these goals at their respective schools and are selected as UNAP Youth members – they receive a certificate at year end – with the number of hours of work they did and receive a letter and certificate from us – which is extremely beneficial for college applications and jobs.

As Youth Members of UNA Pakistan, they also get invited to exclusive trainings (such as those with International organizations such as WWF and UNESCO) both at a local as well as an International Level (such as the Geneva program where we plan to send students for a training at the UN HQ in Geneva ) Some of these international opportunities are fully funded and some of them have to be paid for by the students depending on the time they have devoted. Outstanding members are usually fully funded for such trips.

Furthermore, we also include the partner schools in a lot of activities such as the fact that we are to distribute 11,000 trees in the next Monsoon season to students and your school can also receive these plants from us for their students and faculty free of cost.

Become a Chapter

Become A Chapter

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Campus Making Toolkit

Campus Making Toolkit

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