Announcing the winners of the International Tea Day Contest – and the winners are:


Competition rules:

  1. Use the 3 steps mentioned in the photo to participate.
  2. Deadline to submit photos is 4th June, 2021.
  3. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #myperfectchai and post your entry in the comment section below or post it on your own profile and keep the photo public so we can see it.


*Terms and conditions:

Higher likes do have higher chances of winning. However the sole discretion of top winners will be decided by jury from UNAP and Tapal. UNAP and Tapal reserve the right to select the final winner. Selection is based on:

  1. Number of likes
  2. Originality of content
  3. Creativity of the post
  4. Alignment with Tapal’s message to its customers