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Branch Name: ZAMZAMA
Branch Code: 1005
Account Number: 1005-0981-038416-01-9
Account Title: United Nations Association Of Pakistan
IBAN No: PK03BAHL1005098103841601

I accept all information provided above as being correct and honest.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Application for membership of the United Nations Association of Pakistan on-line through the Association website ( or via UNAP Headquarters (D4, 4th Floor, Haryani Tower, 23-C , 27th Commercial Street, Khayban-e-Tauheed, DHA) is subject to review by non-approval, will be communicated to the applicant in writing as soon as possible after the application is made.
  2. If donating more than Rs 50,000 the donor must be registered as Permanent Member at the time of he donation.
  3. Applications will not be considered where the applicant is a member under suspension or is a former member currently expelled from the Association.